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Bid Proposals | Best posts of 2015

 January 5, 2016
by Paul Heron

Looking to make 2016 your year of better bid proposals?

To get started, follow the links to our favourite blog posts of 2015.

Bid strategy picks

Use our posts on critical points in every bid to improve team focus on better pre-RFP pursuit, bid/no-bid decisions, strategy making, kick-off meetings, and red team reviews.

Successful proposal respond to the prospect’s issues. See these posts on categorizing prospect needs, turning issues into strategy, and using trade-offs and ghosting.

Contract rebid coming up? Our rebid series can help make your rebids future focused, leverage your performance, take rebid transition seriously and—most important—start your rebid effort early.

Proposal management picks

Refresh your thinking about proposal management with these posts on engaging senior managers, team leadership roles, and the proposal coordinator role.

Save your creativity for bid strategy and solutions. When it comes to organizing your proposal, consistency is better. Understand the value of achieving consistent information architecture across proposal sections, consistent bid content organization, and consistent presentation, and bid writing style.

Disciplined bid win-loss reviews are essential to learning from your successes and failures. Learn how to plan and conduct win-loss interviews, report on the results, and analyse win-loss trends over time.

Content development and design picks

Price matters. See these posts on positioning your bid price and presenting your bid price part one and part two.

Improving bid writing always pays. See these posts on setting direction for proposal writers, developing professional proposal writing habits, and daily proposal management.

Want more?

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