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Favourite posts of 2016

 January 3, 2017
by Paul Heron

Last year we posted series on important aspects of successful proposals. This gave us a chance to dive deeper into turning good ideas into winning actions.

Here are brief descriptions of our three favourite series.

Bid/No-bid decisions

Making fast, efficient bid/no-bid decisions gives your team maximum time to develop strong proposals—or to get on with other priorities if you decide not to bid.

Our six-part series explains how to organize that decision, including posts on prospect factors, project factors, competitive factors and internal factors and concludes with a description of and link to our free bid/no-bid decision tool.

Understanding the client

This series kicked off with a post on managing sales discovery and making business developers responsible for establishing trust and gathering information.

We continued with posts on value propositions for the economic buyer and for technical buyers and user buyers. The final post explains how to use value propositions in proposals.

Informal proposals

Proposals submitted at the prospect’s request and outside an RFP process are wonderful opportunities to win business without going head-to-head with competitors.

Although an invitation to submit gives you the inside track, and let’s you organize your offer as you wish, you still need to address all the prospect’s issues to avoid a subsequent decision to go to RFP.

This series began with a post on informal proposal basics and continued with two posts on informal proposal modules (here’s the second) and a post on visuals for informal proposals.

More topics

In addition to the above, you’ll find series on understanding prospects, standardizing content and writer management.

To explore these ideas and others, please see the 2015 section of our Blog Index.

All the best for successful bidding in 2017!


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Paul Heron, MBA, is the founder and managing partner of Complex2Clear, and leads our bid response practice. LinkedIn 





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