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Before you begin — let’s be clear on what we do

We support clients preparing proposals to win large contracts. Typical projects include designing, building, operating and maintaining infrastructure, such as IT and telecommunications systems, passenger rail, highways and bridges, water and wastewater facilities, energy grids, etc.

We provide end-to-end proposal support, including strategy, schedule and content management, editing, graphics and printing. View this 4-minute video for more.

Our proposal teams consist of a mix of full time employees and freelance contractors

Critical, must-have qualities:

  • Experience expressing business concepts and sales strategy
  • Desire to create great work
  • Openness and honesty about your availability and hours worked
  • Discipline and appetite to work virtually
  • Willingness to accept daily supervision and feedback
  • Comfort working to tight deadlines

Please also see the Our values section of our managing partner’s note at right.

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If you're an experienced proposal editor, graphic designer or project manager, you'll probably like working with us.

Our mission is to help clients develop win strategies and build them into their proposals. We're always working under tight deadlines to make large sales to smart buyers.

Our values

We value great work, clear thinking, open and direct communications, and fierce and relentless focus on stronger proposals. We only promise what we can deliver, and we deliver what we promise. When we take on a project, we see it through.

If you have ability and share these values, please complete our form.





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