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Bid Proposals | Sell your processes

 February 2, 2016
by Paul Heron

Moving prospects to action takes more than describing your ability to perform. Prospects also need to be confident you have reliable, repeatable processes in place to deliver on your promises—and to avoid missteps that could cause embarrassment or worse.

Show how your processes minimize risk

Bid proposal evaluators, especially in government or large private sector organizations, are at least as sensitive to risk as to price.

All large RFPs have sections requiring bidders to describe their main processes. These vary by industry and project, but typically include how the proponent will assess and accommodate any required customization and how it plans to manage conversion or mobilization, safety, quality, uptime commitments and risk mitigation.

But what about processes the RFP doesn’t specify?

It’s a good rule to consider including all significant processes you intend to implement, even those not called for in the RFP. Here’s an example:

  • You have a documented complaint-resolution process for dealing with members of the public who take issue with one or more of your procedures. Over time, this process has given you reliable statistics on how many complaints are logged per project, average resolution time and result. You may also conduct root cause analysis and have a history of corrective actions that reduced or eliminated some types of complaints.

Your complaint process makes good business sense. It reduces the potential for lawsuits while creating a more positive work environment. But, when described in a bid proposal, it also serves to show you’re focused on client risk reduction and good stakeholder relations.

Visualize—but keep it simple

Rather than try to explain complex processes, use flowcharts and diagrams to show them. Keep these simple enough to convey the key idea—and always include a selling caption focused on the client benefit.

All prospects want to work with a vendor who’s got their back.

So dust off those processes you’ve been taking for granted. Identify the ones with potential to reinforce your core messages and include them in your content plan.

This exercise can give you a valuable edge in your next bid proposal.


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