Graphic designer

Graphic designers are key C2C team members, making important contributions to our clients’ success. Our proposals typically feature a high percentage of graphic content—not as decoration, but to communicate key aspects of each client’s approach and solution.

That means our C2C designers need to understand the project and the client team’s strategy for winning and to translate that understanding into clear, compelling visuals.

Must-have requirements:

  • Excellent Adobe Creative Suite skills
  • Experience using graphics to communicate ideas
  • Full use of a secure computer and fast internet service
  • Discipline and appetite to work virtually
  • Ability to stay cool under deadline pressure
  • Willingness to accept daily supervision and feedback

Typical project responsibilities:

  • Understanding the proposal strategy and schedule
  • Aligning existing graphics to proposal style and colour palette
  • Developing new graphics from client-supplied ideas and sketches
  • Designing and illustrating the proposal template, covers and tabs
  • Reviewing all work to ensure it is error-free before submission
  • Managing documents, using Dropbox folders, following our revision convention, etc.
  • Alerting the project manager immediately of any issue that may delay delivery
REQUIRED: The work we produce is highly confidential. Please confirm your willingness to sign a contractor’s agreement giving us sole ownership of output you produce for Complex2Clear projects and agreeing not to solicit our clients.

What happens next?

We’ll contact you within one week of receiving your form to discuss next steps. Because we maintain such close client relationships, a good fit is equally important as ability. Assessing fit will be part of the next step.

Graphics with purpose

We use design to make features and solutions clear.

This 2016 blog post explains how to illustrate processes.

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