Project manager information

The project manager (PM) is critical to C2C’s ability to deliver high quality proposals to meet inflexible deadlines

Typical project responsibilities:

  • Understanding proposal requirements and schedule
  • Project set up (schedule, tracking tools, proposal template)
  • Facilitating strategy with client
  • Kicking off content development with client team
  • Managing and assessing content 
  • Performing structural edits
  • Leading client status calls and milestone reviews
  • Onboarding and managing subcontractors (copy editors, graphic designers, printers)
  • Managing quality, schedule, budgeted hours
  • Alerting account manager immediately of any issues

Must-have requirements:

  • Experience managing large documents to tight deadlines
  • Ability to read content critically against requirements
  • Excellent grasp of English grammar
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage detail and stay cool under pressure
  • Discipline and appetite to work virtually
  • Familiarity with common document software and processes:
    • Dropbox, document data rooms and versioning
    • MS Office 365
    • Editing support tools (e,g, PerfectIt)
  • Full use of a secure computer and fast internet


REQUIRED: The work we produce is highly confidential. Please confirm your willingness to sign a contractor’s agreement giving us sole ownership of output you produce for Complex2Clear projects and agreeing not to solicit our clients.

What happens next?

We’ll contact you within one week of receiving your form to discuss next steps. Because we maintain such close client relationships, a good fit is equally important as ability. Assessing fit will be part of the next step.

Assembling the puzzle

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